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Conditioning exercises are the building blocks to a strong and healthy body. Fitness evaluations and programs are specifically designed for your pet based on their fitness level.  With this program we can develop a better use of skeletal muscles that will help in all aspects of their daily living. This form of canine condition is important in young and senior pets and can be effective in injury prevention.

Now is the time to have your canine companion’s fitness level evaluated and work towards a higher quality of fitness and health.

Massage therapy is an important aspect of healing and pain relief especially after injuries, surgeries, and sporting events. Call today to inquire about massage therapy for your pet.


About us

Touch Animal Rehabilitation was founded by Laurel Dutrisac in North Bay. Laurel is a registered veterinary technician and animal lover.

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We offer a variety of treatments to ease your pet's pain and improve health. Touch also has the only underwater treadmill in the region. 

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